Synopsis Operation True-Twins

A CAPTIVATING HISTORICAL ROMAN                                             (286 pages -11,50 $  Glossary bilingual included  )  ( Kindle 0,98 €)

In 1940, when the Germans decided that the “Funny war” was no longer, the Alsatians were worried about the recurrence of history. 

The British MI5 did not wait for the first bomb on London to infiltrate occupied France, to gauge the adversary and prepare a possible reply.                                                                   

A popular call girl near the Parisian gentry will the anonymous heroine of the shadow army from across the Channel. A student anxious to get his law degree will find himself enlisted for a very dangerous mission by the English Services.

At the Liberation, many shameless individuals became “Resistance fighters” in order to further their political careers.

In Algeria at the beginning of 1950, the quality of life was undermined by small armed groups which gave reason to believe that a rebellion was imminent…

These elements combined led to unexpected developments, from Mulhouse to London, from Paris to Algiers and even to the benches of the National Assembly on the eve of the 1951 elections.

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