Synopsis Le Papillon enragé


MAFIA WAR IN PACA FRENCH REGION                                                                                              (292 pages -13,00 $ ) ( Kindle 0,98 € )  
Synopsis Le Paillon enragé– Duke Harrison, a senator junior from Iowa, did not know that his visit to Mac Gregor would propel him to the forefront of the political scene.  
– Steve, an ex-Marine back from Iraq, drunk from morning till night, was talking nonsense. Yet his drunken allegations had not fallen on deaf ears.  
– Leila, a young Franco-Berber expatriate in the United States and admitted to prestigious  preparatory class at the G.W. Institute, did not imagine being caught up by her sad past in a French city.  
This novel-thriller explores the meanders of politics and trafficking. All blows being allowed, the butterfly will become a merciless beast

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