French novel-a book captivating easy to read in original language

This French novel is easy to read in original language by English-speaking readers. It conjugates spy plots, and loving adventures.  Captivating way to improve his knowledge of French. 


French Novel with glossaryA French historical novel, full of suspense. In 1941, the British MI 5 makes a perilous operation to infiltrate Nazi services in France. This action, planned for the D-Day was a success.                              However,this mission will be the cause of tragic and bloody episodes, for many years

  French Novel captivating                                                                                                      

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A great concept *

French Novel and Glossary

A downloadable lexicon completes this French novel. The glossary contains 2.100 translations of  French words in US/UK.

The French style can bother English-speaking readers, who don’t understand well all the specific phrases of a book.

The concept allows you to read True-Twins Operation in original language. 

This concept get you english meanings of each specific French term, without drop your book for consulting a trite dictionary.

Profits of this system

The concept has these profits :

– It runs on phones, tablets and laptops.

– You can use the downloaded glossary, where you stand.                       

– This lexicon isn’t alphabetical, but runs page by page.                 

– A quick glance is enough to find the meaning of.                          

– Figurative words. – Language wordings. – Slang. – Two-ways words. 


If you are about to read this book in  French, use its free downloadable glossary. The 2.100  French words translated page by page, will  make your reading even more pleasant.


Better understanding of each phrase, will allow you to enjoy this thrilling French novel.


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French Novel captivating

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  French Novel captivating